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Wyrewizard Dreamcaster Loudspeaker cable set set

2x 3 meter

Article code: LS35

Wyrewizard Dreamcaster Loudspeaker cable set   set

WYREWIZARD DREAMCASTER Loudspeaker Cable is a high quality cable designed to offer superior performance in any A/V system. It consists of 4 solid core 99.99999% OFC conductors contained in an extruded FEP insulation. The cable is wound in a double twisted pair configuration for maximum RFI rejection and ease of bi-wiring. DREAMCASTER offers deep bass response, superb sound-staging, and sparkling musicality. DREAMCASTER can be custom terminated to suit a wide variety of A/V system requirements.

WyreWizard is a Nordost trademark.

Price is for a set of 2x 3 meter, single wiring terminated with HL rhodium banana plugs
(mail for bi-wiring price)

185.00  120.00