Furutech Daytona 303E Stromversorgung / Netzleiste


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Furutech Daytona 303 oder e-TP303E Stromversorgung / Netzleiste
Using specially designed 3-stage sophisticated filtering, this Furutech Daytona 303E effectively shields against all forms of AC distortion. Each stage is designed specifically for it’s own purpose, including EMI and RFI filtering. Besides active filtering using the highest grade WIMA capacitors, Furutech in-house designed Formula GC-303 material passively absorbs electromagnetic waves / noise and EMI.
Also, this Daytona 303 reduces noise generated by other connected components in the system: this pro-level unit features 3 ultra-advanced isolating filter sections including 2 analog audio filters and 2 digital filters, plus 2 ultra-high-current audio filters. The result is robust AC noise rejection (wether induced, radiated or ground-borne) plus high-level inter-component isolation for top-level reproduction. 

– All metal non-magnetic, super cryogenically treated (FURUTECH a-process) 
– 4 unfiltered outlets
– Power amplifiers: Direct 1 
– Preamplifiers, analog devices: Direct 2 
– 4 digital filtered outlets
– CD, Cable, SAT: Filter 1 / Zone 1 
– DVD, Projector, TV: Filter 2 / Zone 2 
– Beautifully-crafted highest grade aluminum panel and painted steel chassis (Effectively shields against RFI)
– WIMA high performance main capacitors 
– 24K gold-plated non-magnetic PCB
– Axial locking system: screws anchor each duplex receptacle to the chassis
– Internal wiring: star-wired a-10, (10 AWG), insulated within resonance-absorbing tubing


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