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Jorma design Trinity Kupfer Netzkabel

Jorma Trinity is the improved successor to the original No.3 series, using design principles from the Statement and Duality cables. Jorma Trinity offers natural, transparent sound; it’s the perfect upgrade for your system.

Highest quality 99.999999% Copper (1mm2). Extra layer of insulation and improved shielding (4 mm2, 94% effective on RFI and EMI).

Finished with Jorma Schuko and IEC C13 plugs.

Standardpreis ist für Kabel mit Länge 150 cm.

All Trinity cables:

  • Insulation material conductors – PTFE noncoloured
  • Conductor material – Copper with purity 99.999999%
  • Conductor – Multi-threaded with ceramic fibre filler
  • Crimping sleeves material – Polyolefin
  • Shielding material – Tin-plated copper
  • Jacket outer insulation – Halogen-free Polyurethane
  • Braided sleeve – PET

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