SUPRA LoRad 2.5 Netzkabel – 10A oder 16A


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SUPRA LoRad 2.5 Netzkabel 10A oder 16A
Leiter aus OFC Kupfer, 3 x 2,5 qmm. Stecker Gold beschichtet, IEC 10A oder 16A. Auch verfügbar mit rechtwinklige Schuko.
LoRad stands for Low Radiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields. Protects your equipment from radiated mains noise as well as from RF pick-up. The screen protects from the electric fields and the short pitch twisting protects from and cancels the magnetic fields. This will typically result in a cleaner sound and more accurate transients, which in turn give you a tighter bass, better 3-Demension presence and stereo definition. Closer to the truth. Besides this, the human health aspect should be considered. It is scientifically proven that magnetic alternating fields affect the human cell growth. Supra LoRad is the sole audio grade mains cable in the world with full European safety approval.

• Hi-Fi and studio systems
• Medical equipments
• Measurement and laboratory equipments
• For people sensitive to electric/magnetic radiation
• In any application where electric/magnetic interference is critical
Andere Länge sind verfügbar als Option.
Auch verfügbar mit Rechtwinkligem Schuko (bitte eingeben in der Bestell-notizen)

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1 Meter, 1,5 Meter, 2 Meter, 4 Meter


IEC C13/C15 (normale 3-poliger 10A), IEC C19 (3 poliger speziell 16/20A)