SUPRA LoRad SPC Netzkabel 3×2.5 mm2 (pro cm)


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SUPRA LoRad SPC flexibler Netzkabel – 3 x 2,5 mm2 Versilbert OFC Reinkupfer

LoRad Netzkabel mit Abschirmung. Diameter 11 mm.

This is the 40th anniversary SPC version, with silver plated OFC copper conductors, in stead of tinned OFC.

Preis ist pro Zentimeter (cm).


„LoRad“ means Low Radiation, „SPC“ means Silver Plated Copper and the design of these mains flex cables minimises both electric and magnetic alternating fields. Allow your hi-fi gear access to one of natures most powerful conductive materials there is – Silver.

LoRad protects both from alternating fields radiating from the cable as well as from pick-up of surrounding airborne noise fields, e.g. wireless and mobile phones, wifi, radio and TV broadcasts, etc. LoRad SPC is the newest development of the LoRad concept, developed to celebrate our 40TH Anniversary with efficient shielding, flexibility, bend-/fatigue-resistance and strength.

In addition to the physical shield incorporated in the cable design, the leads are spun in a short pitch, counteracting the magnetic alternating field that according to the physical law of inductance always surrounds a lead that carries a current. The benefits are less noise picked up by the cable and less noise that affect adjacent cables such as low level interconnects.

LoRad SPC incorporates Supra’s unique Carbon/Nylon shield concept. Semiconducting Carbon/Nylon shield displays improved properties, bending strength, environmental immunity, higher tensile strength and less microphonic effect. The Carbon/Nylon shield is connected to a drain-wire along its total length, efficiently leading noise stuck in the shield to ground. We have tested and evaluated all known types of screens for making such a good cable as possible. Supra’s semi-conductive Carbon/Nylon shield was the only that passed the rigorous safety requirements and, moreover, its shielding properties was the best ever. LoRad MkII is tested and certified by Intertek Sweden, meeting the European safety regulation HD21.5 S3.