Van den Hul 3T The Rock Symmetric Interconnect set


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Van den Hul 3T The Rock Stereo Interconnect

A tremendous new development, this cable: surprising full dynamics and an extraordinary rich bass response.

Standard price is for a 2×80 cm length. Other lengthe available (see options). Available in RCA or XLR balanced versions.

The ROCK Hybrid is probably the best value for money interconnect in the program. The specific 3T (True Transmission Technology) qualities are present. The conductors are a combination of a solid .40 mm conductor with 11 thinner strands around it. This construction minimizes inductance to the lowest possible value. Van den Hul L.S.C. hybrid layer further perfects the cable. Shielding is done by two dense braids.

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1 meter, 1,20 meter, 1,5 meter, 80 centimeter


RCA, XLR/balanced