Van den Hul Arctic Câble HP (par cm)


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UGS : KA21 Catégorie :


Van den Hul ARCTIC Câble Enceintes

Le prix s’entend le cm. NB: Réduction -10% à partir de 1000 cm.


The design aim of The ARCTIC was to produce a very affordable twin lead loudspeaker cable with a very good sonic quality despite its (extremely reasonable) price.

  • This Van den Hul ARCTIC loudspeaker cable is made of 2 conductor groups, each with 147 x 0.16 mm. strands.
  • The total cross-section area per conductor is 3,31 mm²; close to AWG 12.
  • The conductor material is a very high grade large crystal OFC with a dense pure silver coating.
  • The external dimensions are 12.5 x 6,0 mm.
  • The white jacket is made of HULLIFLEX ® 4, a superior insulation material exhibiting a very good mechanical protection and a high chemical stability.
  • The two conductors have different insulator shapes: one is round and the other has two edges with type printing on the flat surface: the most simple polarity finder you can think of.