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Scheidingstrafo - Anti 50 Hz Brom

Artikelcode: A82

Scheidingstrafo - Anti 50 Hz Brom

Scheidingsfilter Kabel TV - BROM Ontstoring
- Isolates Cable System Ground From Power Ground
- Helps eliminate Cable TV picture problems caused by ground loops.
- Made for Analog and Digital cable networks
- Weatherproof construction for indoor/outdoor use
- HD Ready 

This Ground Isolator / Hum Absorber is used to help eliminate the hum and horizontal bars caused by ground loops. When two or more devices are connected to a common ground through different paths, ground path noise or a ground loop can occur. This is actually quite common in home cable systems, even those that are well designed. The result of a ground loop is audio hum and/or horizontal bars in the TV picture.
If “beefing up" conventional ground connections and establishing solid ground points in your cable system does not resolve these problems, then a Ground Isolator is the most reliable way to fix it.
Unlike some "all metal" competitive products, this isolator electrically isolates BOTH the external ground connection and the the internal center wire which carries the cable signal. This is very important. Any product which does not isolate both connections is NOT a true ground isolator. 

Insertion Loss:
0.7dB Maximum 5-550MHz
1.5dB Maximum 550-1000MHz
Return Loss: 
12dB Typical 5-10MHz
16dB Minimum 10-600MHz
12dB Minimum 600-1000MHz
Breakdown Voltage: 
2200 VDC >1 minute (NOT LOWER!)
Max Leakage Current: 
65dB Nominal
75 Ohms