Furutech FI-11 IEC mains connector


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Furutech FI-11 Cu-G-Ag-R Audio grade IEC or Euro mains connector
  • non-magnetic, super cryogenically treated (FURUTECH a- process)
  • Cable diameters from 6.6mm to 16.0mm
  • Dimensions: body length 48.2mm, 38.0mm dia, overall length 76.0mm
  • Materials: front body-Nylon + fiber glass, back shell-polycarbonate (black)
  • Rating: 10A 250V / 16A 125V AC
Cu = Phosphor Bronze
G = 24K Gold plated Phosphor Bronze
Ag = Silver plated Phosphor Bronze
R = Rhodium plated Phosphor Bronze
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Ag – silver plated, Cu – copper, G – gold plated, R – rhodium