Sales conditions

All our prices are in Euros. VAT will be added, depending on your address when checking out. For UK orders, VAT is still included and will be corrected (refunded) afterwards, depending on the total value (>£135). Prices are always without customs duties (outside EU).

Upon completion of your order you will be prompted for your personal data, such as name, address and your email-address. Please be very careful to type your email-address correctly, since this will be used to send you our automated order confirmation. If you do not receive this confirmation immediately after, then please contact us at:
If not indicated otherwise, all items are in stock and will normally be shipped within one or two working days after receipt of your payment. When out of stock we will, within 7 days, inform you about the expected delivery time.
In case you are interested in items, which are catalogued with a delivery time, please contact us by email.
Before throwing away the packaging materials, please make sure that all hex screws are there. It may happen that these have come loose during transport and are loose in the packaging.
Shipping of orders of more than 50 euros is insured via the shipping agent. Please consult us, if you prefer a more secure transport.
In the unlikely case that the ordered products are not conform manufacturing standards, please let us know within a week after receipt. We then can discuss replacement or refund.
We will not take back: items specially ordered or made for the customer, cut cable, cartridges, tonearms and occasions.

Our prices include 21% VAT. Second hand items do not carry VAT.
We can supply without charging this VAT to companies inside the European Union and outside The Netherlands, provided they can provide a valid VAT ID number. In such a case they should state their VAT ID number upon conclusion of their order. Then they should choose payment via an IBAN bank transfer whereby they can deduct the VAT amount as given in our automatic order confirmation. There are some exclusions, like La Réunion etc. If in doubt, please consult us.

Dutch law is applicable to all our transactions, sales and agreements. Only the Dutch text of these sales conditions is applicable.

Lutjebroek, 2 june 2021