Furutech FP-900G Gold female RCA socket (pair)


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High End Performance RCA Terminal Sockets FP-900 (G) Gold Plated (2 Pcs/ Set)

  • Central and Earth conductor- α (Alpha) Eutectic copper alloy Conductor
  • 24k Gold Plated Conductor
  • Brass Housing and Nut cap (24k gold plated )
  • Nylon (red, white) Mounting Insulation set and PETF Fluoropolymer (white) Inner insulation.
  • Mounting Insulation set to accommodate panels of any thickness
  • Connections: Soldered
  • Dimensions: Housing-14mmφX22.9mm, Mounting Insulation set- Nylon(Red, White) 15mm ψX 2.7mm, 28.7mm overall length.


Price is per pair