KONDO AN-AI Pure Silver Internal Wiring set


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KONDO AudioNote Japan AN-AI Internal Tonearm wire
Pure Silver. This single tonearm wire consists of 4 strands insulated by a lacquer coating.
Supplied as one 2 mtr length, sufficient for rewiring 9″ or 10″ tonearms. Comes together with 4 silver cartridge clips in a sealed envelope.

According to the website, the Kondo cables are made from very fine strands of silver drawn in the Kondo Laboratory, annealed for up to twenty years, treated specifically for skin effects and then coated with multiple layers of proprietary varnish which acts both as a protector of the silver and as a means of rejecting RFI.
The silver cables of Kondo Audio Note Japan which kept on leading the world’s criteria on “sound quality of cables” have at least reached the ideal quality level with smoother sound, least distortion and superiority in separation to reproduce minute signals. 
All Kondo silver wire manufactured by Kondo Audio Note Japan is 99.99% pure silver coated with six coats of a special polyurethane varnish applied immediately after drawing. This prevents oxidation and provides mechanical surface damping of the proper ‘Q’. The wire is then age annealed to enhance the crystal boundary chemistry. 
Remember that the music signal has an electro-chemical component. A/C current causes chemical changes in the wire alloy.
Age annealed copper and silver wires have a purer and gentler sound than the hot or cold or chemically annealed wires. Kondo Audio Note Japan is the only audio manufacturer to use this expensive age annealing process to make their wire.