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Furutech FP-TCS31 / FP-S35TC PC-CCC Mains Cable – Reference!

New cable, successor of the FP-Alpha3, featuring the innovative TripleC (Continous Crystal Casting) technique.
The result is better than single crystal PC-OCC! The resulting conductor has an extremely fine resolution down and through the very low noise floor, improved sound staging and image palpability, a musical, attractive, “round” midrange, tight and controlled bass, plus power and dynamics to spare to set your music on fire!
3 twisted conductors with 45 strands PC-CCC copper of 0.32mm, diameter 2.5 mm (AWG-12). Cryogenic and anti-magnetic treatment (Furutech Alpha process). Very good shielding with special grade, flexible PVC and 0.12mm OFC wire braid. This makes the FP-TCS31 one of the best cables for connecting your amplifier. Outside diameter 16.0 mm.


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Designed for audiophiles
Audiophiles are a discerning crowd. They have high expectations of premium power cables, and rightly so. They want a lowered noise floor. Increased resolution. Deeper, tighter bass, improved soundstaging and enhanced imaging. Plus of course a rugged construction with a tight, secure connection. Which is why Furutech’s Alpha PC-Triple C conductor was conceived specifically for audiophile use and developed to deliver the purest power transfer possible.

The precision of a sword
The Samurai knew a thing or two about precision engineering: who could argue with the razor-sharp technology of the katana, the Samurai sword? Key to its craftsmanship was a forging process involving repeated rounds of metal folding. Furutech’s Alpha PC-Triple C conductor mirrors that technique, using an ingenious proprietary forging process in which variable high pressures are applied to high-purity oxygen-free copper, essentially folding the metal tens of thousands of times. The copper’s crystal grain boundaries are thus transformed from a vertical direction into a longitudinal orientation, allowing the electrical signal to flow considerably more smoothly along the completed cable. The copper’s crystals become vastly more uniform and well-connected both physically and electrically, creating a much more highly conductive cable.

The result is a sound that’s free of artifacts and impurities, delivering a wholly more compelling listening experience. As a result, you’ll detect a number of important improvements:

  • A lowered noise floor, allowing more music to flow through your system.
  • Greater resolution and inner detail, letting you hear even more deeply into much-loved recordings.
  • Tighter, more controlled low frequencies, with more three-dimensional textures.
  • Cleaner, clearer highs with almost unlimited extension for today’s hi-resolution recordings.
  • Greater image focus, with a more precise and realistic reproduction of the soundstage.
  • An increase in dynamics throughout the entire frequency range.


Is it really possible to hear such differences from a power cable? Absolutely. But don’t take our word for it – experience the difference for yourself. Replace your existing hi-fi power cords with Furutech’s Alpha PC-Triple C bulk power cable and you’ll feel closer to your music than ever before. Or add them to your home theater system for sharper, clearer video images and truer colors.


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