Furutech FS-Alpha36 Reference Loudspeaker Cable- OCC (per cm)


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Furutech FS-Alpha36 Reference OCC loudspeaker cable

PC OCC (single crystal) copper, non-magnetic and super cryogene α(Alpha) treated. Outer diameter 13 mm.

  • Construction(pcs/mm): 20pcs / ψ0.18 mm X 6+ψ0.9mm, incorporating damping carbon particles in center filler core
  • Insulation Material: Audio grade PE (Red,White)
  • Nom. Thickness: 1.25mm
  • Diameter: 5.1mm
  • Twisting Method: 2 Cores Twisted Together
  • Inner Sheath Material: Audio grade flexible PVC (Black) Incorporating damping carbon particles
  • Sheath Material: Audio grade Flexible PVC (Purple Blue)
  • Nom. Thickness: 1.0 mm


Finishing with banana plugs or spadesis possible, ask us for advice

Price is per cm without terminations