SUPRA XL Annorum Loudspeaker cable – Star Quad (per cm)


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SUPRA XL Annorum bi-wiring Loudspeaker cable in Star Quad configuration

The design is a 4 x 1.6 mm2 square shaped lead configuration, where each lead comprises a plastic core around which 12 strands 5N Oxygen-free Copper are spun in a tight pitch. This minimizes skin-effect and inductance efficiently and by choosing the sonically benign PP as di-electric (insulation) the sonical stability by preventing corrosion and material fatigue, will remain at highest possible level year after year.

The specification and performance fits right in between Supra Quadrax and Sword .

Star Quad configuration for inductance cancellation and noise immunity
5N Oxygen free Copper strands spun on core to minimize skin-effect
PP dielectric for maximum signal integrity and chemical stability
Developed in co-operation with renowned Swedish speaker designer as internal wiring


Price is voor unfinished cable, per cm. Discount 10% starting at 10 mtr (1000 cm).


Conductor (x4): OFC-wire 12×0.40 mm, spun around a PP-core

Cross section Area: 4×1.6mm2 / AWG 15

Insulation: PP transprant. Cores + red / – white

Insulation thickness: 0.7 mm

Jacket: Rubber based PVC GA54, round

Jacket thickness: 2.0 mm

Diameter: 10 mm

Colour: Iceblue (other colours upon order)

Marking: SUPRA XL ANNORUM 4×1.6 > Made in Sweden > Meter mark

Weight: 123 kg/km

Packing: Bobbin 75m (other lengths upon order)

Resistance: 10.5 ohm/km

Inductance: 0.30 uH/m

Rated voltage: 100V