Van den Hul 3T D-102 MkIII balanced interconnect cable (per cm)


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Van den Hul 3T D-102 III Hybrid balanced interconnect cable

very flexible balanced interconnect with a 3 layer shielding. The 2 centre conductors are made of 40 dense and very pure silver coated strands made of a very high grade Matched Crystal (MC) OFC. Over each centre conductor an extra Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) saturated layer is applied. This extra layer of LSC highly improves the quality of the signal transmission by performing electrical bridging on micro-scale and by converting the external magnetic field close to the conductors into an electrical signal again.
In unbalanced operation the two internal conductors can simply be taken together with the shield acting as the signal return, though the better and preferred layout (which we apply) is shown on page 11 of this document.

The triple shielding consists of 2 helical layers with a total of 180 dense and very pure silver coated strands. External diameter is 7.25 mm.

Price is per cm. Please note: due to stock ending, only pieces of 54 cm, 39 cm and 28 cm left available.