Shipping costs

Upon completion of your order following ways of shipping will be presented:

0. In the Netherlands only: Inland Parcel with Tracking & Tracing € 6,75
1. Registered parcel Europe:  13,50 (incl. tracking code, insured value max. 50 euros). Also in cases your order won't pass into a standard letterbox. Maximum weight 5000 grammes.
2. Insured parcel Europe & World:  19,95 (incl. tracking code and insurance up to 500 euros)
3. In the Netherlands only: Standard inland mail € 2,80 (not insured and should pass into your letterbox)
4. Standard mail worldwide:  6,95 (not insured and should pass into your letterbox)
5. Registered Mail worldwide:  15,95
6. No shipping costs: only for items sold on this condition or if collected in person.

These rates are irrespective of the size of your order.

Please note that the method of shipping chosen by you is for your own risk and responsability.

If you are outside the European Union (EU Europe) and you want to order items that cannot enter into a standard letterbox opening, we have to pack and ship your order as a parcel with tracking code. Ask our shipping rates.