AYON Triton EVO Buizenversterker – 8x KT-150


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AYON Triton EVO Buizenversterker met Tung-sol KT-150 eindbuizen

2 x 70 W in triode en 2 x 120 W in pentode bedrijf.

De TRITON EVO geïntegreerde buizenversterker is het krachtigste model uit het programma van AYON Audio. Ook hier is er de keuze tussen triode- of pentodebedrijf, al naar gelang uw smaak. Voor dit grote vermogen van 2 x 120 Watt is de TRITON voorzien van maar liefst 2 x 4 stuks KT-150 eindbuizen. Voorzien van een bijzondere Autobias, waardoor de buizen elke keer automatisch worden bijgeregeld zonder dat de bias-regeling in de signaalweg zit. Een bijzonder muzikale finesse en rotsvaste dynamiek staan borg voor een buitengewoon indrukwekkende totaalprestatie. Hier gecombineerd in één chassis en een voor dit bijzonder hoge niveau zeer betaalbare aanschafprijs.

Kan in onze luisterruimte op afspraak beluisterd worden en vergeleken met bijv. de Crossifre.

Enjoy The Music Magazine Legendary Performance Award 2020 toegekend aan de Triton EVO!

Als optie ook nog verkrijgbaar als eindversterker (Triton PA)

After eight years of manufacturing the legendary Triton III model we are proud to announce the introduction of the new Triton EVO. The new Triton EVO is not a simple update; it is a totally new re-design featuring new operating systems and circuit protection designs.

All the gain and driver stages have been re-designed and optimized to provide for the shortest signal path and the most direct signal flow. A remarkable, new high performance volume control, a new driver stage choke and new output transformers, have taken the New Ayon Triton EVO to a new level, “State of the Art”.

The new Triton EVO, is a monumental bump up over its’ predecessor, the Ayon Triton III. The Ayon Triton EVO produces a fast deep tight bass, wall to wall three dimensional performance, superb decay, transparent and holographic soundstage, makes your speakers disappear – The Triton EVO sets a new standard in built quality, sound performance and its time-less design appearance, a new benchmark for high end audio!

Some technical highlights of the new Triton EVO:
– Significant sound improvement when compared to the already highly acclaimed Triton III
– Improved power supplies and power transformers
– Completely new driver stage
– New volume control system
– New output transformer
– New High Damping system switchable ( DMP) Superb for driving difficult speakers loads, with low impedance.

The Triton III is one of the most successfully integrated Pure Class A amplifiers, globally. Now we have the Triton EVO, the Next Generation in high end audio.

All the gain and driver stages have been also re-designed and optimized as well to provide for the shortest signal path and the most direct signal flow. We have implemented a completely new driver stage, a new choke system, an updated bias system and a new volume control.

For the output transformer we have endeavored new ways with a first-time groundbreaking coil technology to achieve even more a dynamic sound performance, by means of which the amplifier in the lower frequency range is significantly more stable, without limiting its fresh, vivid and holographic sound performance. The added result of the new output transformer is a significant advance in sonic performance, a wall to wall three dimensional performance, deep tight bass, makes your speakers disappear.

All these technical measures and developments have produced the Triton Evo. Revealing a new chapter, the New Benchmark in high end audio, therefor establishing itself as one of the best, if not the best integrated amplifier with four KT150 tubes per channel, regardless of price.