Furutech FT-786F Rhodium XLR chassisdeel


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Furutech FT-786F (R) Rhodium XLR chassisdeel

High End Performance rhodium XLR chassisdeel van Furutech. Female versie, voor versterkerzijde. Solderen.

Geleiders van a (Alpha) koper. Speciale hittebestendige en dempende behuizing met fiberglas isolatie. Afmetingen: 32 mm x 27 mm, lengte 36.9 mm

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Furutech’s beautifully finished and just as importantly beautiful sounding XLR sockets are the result of meticulous engineering and careful audition of various materials. The FT-785M features α (Alpha) pure copper conductors for minimal impedance set in a super heat resistant liquid crystal polymer resin and a non resonant nylon/fiberglass housing that incorporates Furutech’s super-effective Piezo Ceramic Damping Material. Unique to these special Furutech FT-786F and FT-785M XLR sockets are special nonmagnetic stainless steel plates that are incorporated into the piezo compound construction using a special Furutech patent-pending process. Pure Transmission principles at their finest!