SUPRA Ply 3.4/S Luidsprekerkabel – afgeschermd (per cm)


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SUPRA Ply 3.4/S afgeschermde luidsprekerkabel

Zeer flexibele kabel in de kenmerkende ice-blue kleur. Met 2 geleiders van elk 3,4 mm2, vervaardigd van vertind, zeer zuiver OFC koper. Met gevlochten koper afscherming en een aardedraad om de opgevangen storing af te voeren. PVC Mantel.

Goed geteste allround kabel!

De prijs is voor onafgewerkte kabel, per cm. Korting vanaf 10 mtr (1000 cm).


Supra Ply combines low induction and tin plating which provides for explosive dynamics. The shielded Ply 3.4/S provide even better performance when this model’s added screen earth lead is connected to speaker minus terminal or to the earth terminal in a wall socket or mains distribution block. Ply is a multi-award winner and one-of-a-kind quality cable from Supra Cables.

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Typical applications: High power HiFi systems also up to intermediate lengths where maximum field rejection or emission is required.

Supra Shielded Speaker Cables
Supra shielded cables both radiate and pick-up less noise compared to non-shielded. When installation environment gain from maximal noise immunity, Supra shielded speaker cables is the perfect choice.

The result is immediately lowered noise floor and increased dynamics of the Hi-Fi system. Especially the so called micro dynamics; tiny, tiny notes, phrasing, the small differences how hard the drum is hit, in fact all the small descrepancies making the music come alive and not sounding artificial will appear and suddenly stand out from a pitch black background, free from noise, a truly remarkable discovery for most music lovers.

The modern multimedia system is a potential hotbed for noise pick-up and signal degradation, without attention, the most prestigious Hi-Fi system will not even come close to its peak performance. It is as simple as that.

Secondly, we must consider how magnetic fields, alternating electrical fields, electromagnetic (radio-) waves, etc, affect us human beings. Whenever possible, we at SUPRA think it is worthwhile to consider lowest possible levels of fields and radiations surrounding us. SUPRA shielded cables radiate less malignant fields affecting us.

Technical Info

Mechanical Specifications

Crossection area 3.4 / 12 mm/ AWG
Number of conductors 3 (+ – and screen/drain wire) pieces
Number of strands per conductor 192 (braided) pieces
Strand diameter 0.15 mm
Conductor material Tin plated oxygen free 5N Copper braid
Insulation and jacker Heat and age resistant PVC
Screen Tin plated oxygen free 5N Copper braid (120 strands, 0.15 strand diameter)
Screen Coverage 95 %
External size 7.3 x 7.3 mm
Weight 156 g/m

Electrical performance

Resistance 5.1 Ohm / km
Inductance 0.20 µH / m