Van den Hul Videolink 75 Ohm Digitale Kabel (per cm)


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Van den Hul VIDEOLINK 75Ω Digitale Kabel

In a world with a continuous growing interest in video-communications, it is obvious to design and produce a special quality 75 Ohm video-cable. We therefore have the VIDEOLINK 75 in our program. The typical application area of the VIDEOLINK 75 is: Video connections between video-recorders, cameras and monitors. Home-theatre video links. Digital (SPDIF) links between CD or DAT-players and DA-converters. AD-converter to digital recorder linking. Cable for the internal rewiring of CD-players and DA-converters. 75 Ohm antenna connections (cable TV/-Radio). Interconnects between measuring equipment. The Van den Hul VIDEOLINK 75 attractive light blue coloured 7 mm. diameter jacket is made of our durable HULLIFLEX material. The shield is made of 96 x 0.15 mm. dense and very pure silver coated Matched Crystal (MC) OFC strands followed by a second layer of PET coated aluminum foil. The inner insulator is made of high density PE to prevent impedance variations caused by external pressure and bending. The centre-conductor consists of 12 x 0.15 mm. dense and very pure silver coated Matched Crystal (MC) OFC strands.

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